‘Elin’s Air’ Goes International¬†

A little piece of Wales 

from the imagination of one who was born in Zimbabwe

is now available all over the globe!

Available for purchase:

South Africa here

Australia here

New Zealand here

America here

United Kingdom here at Waterstones or Amazon UK



We are still so impressed by the clouds on the cover of Elin’s Air. Artist Morgan Hebner has managed to capture something that means I frequently look at the clouds now and think to myself “Those are Morgan’s clouds”. One of my daughters expressed the wish she could paint clouds like that. I tried to capture some of Morgan’s clouds with my camera, the other day.

Have a look at her other work at DD’s Art Corner and like her page on Facebook as it is her birthday today. Happy Birthday Morgan, and thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with us and for being a part of the publication of Elin’s Air. You’re wonderful!